The Vault Teams Competition

This exciting new competition, sponsored by is a teams competition over 8 weeks, based on normal Saturday competitions.

There will be 6 teams of 10 players, each having a Captain who will invite 6 members to be part of their team.

The remaining 3 places per team will be filled by a draw from other members who register their interest to participate.

Players will play at their normal time in their normal group as part of the competition of the day. 

The team result for each round will be based on the average Stableford points (converted from Stroke or Par as required, as used for handicapping). The winning team for the 8 rounds will be based on the average the team round scores. For Stroke rounds, team members must play in the Stroke competition. Players not returning a valid card will be counted as scoring 0 points.

An entry fee of $30 per player, pay able on the first round, will result in each member of the winning team receiving $180 in their wallet account at the end of the 8 rounds. There is no prize for weekly results.

At the end of the 8 rounds, the 3 players of each team with the lowest overall average score will be relegated to the draw for the next 8 rounds. Other members may enter the draw for the next round, a nomination form will be available after the final round.

The first round will be held on 3rd February 2024.

A live leaderboard is updated every 10 minutes on the day of play, until the day's results have been finalised.

The Vault Teams 2024-03-23.pdf (388.9 KB)
The Vault Teams 2024-03-16.pdf (491.7 KB)
The Vault Teams 2024-03-09.pdf (433.6 KB)
The Vault Teams 2024-03-02.pdf (414.5 KB)
The Vault Teams 2024-02-24.pdf (425.8 KB)
The Vault Teams 2024-02-17.pdf (440.6 KB)
The Vault Teams 2024-02-10.pdf (483.3 KB)
The Vault Teams 2024-02-03.pdf (482.3 KB)
Teams List Season starting 2024-02-03.pdf (181.8 KB)