The Max Brown Perpetual Trophy

This is a Perpetual Cup donated by Life Member Max Brown based as follows: 

Two ball aggregate Stableford, played in conjunction with the regular Saturday Stableford event

Players play in pairs, and each pair should record their individual and aggregate scores (points) on each hole, on a separate card from the normal competition.  Pairs must be determined prior to commencement of play

Where a group has only three players, only one pair may submit a card.  However, scores for the third player may be paired with the third player of another group if agreed prior to commencement of play.

The winning pair is the one with the highest aggregate stableford score, subject to normal count-back rules. No additional entry fee is payable.

We thank Max Brown, Life Member and former Captain, for his ongoing support for this trophy and his close interest in the competition. The winners can expect a personal phone call from Max as well as being listed on the honour boards on line and engraved on the trophy.

The club thanks Max for his enormous contribution to the development of the club, with particular reference to the creation of the dam,