Twilight Golf 2021

by Mr Peter Cornish @ 03:27 PM, 30th Sep 2021

The Twilight golf season commences Thursday 7th October, with bar and dining available, and a $500 season prize!

Bar Open and Food

This year 9 hole Twilight competitions will be held on Thursdays during daylight saving, and we will again open the bar for a refreshing drink and a meal after the game, with a limited menu available. Come and join us on Thursday nights - even if you don't want to play, come and join for a meal. The first event, 7th October, will be followed by our Captain's Meeting and presentations of trophies.

Visitors Welcome

We welcome visitors to the Twilight competition (you will need a handicap though)

Cart Hire

Cart hire is not available unless the round is guaranteed to be completed by 5:30PM.


The daily prize will be based on the number of players and the $5.00 competition fee, as a wallet account credit, plus a bottle of Random Shot wine for the winner.

This year's competition is sponsored by Random Shot Wines and the Chase The Ace raffle, and a season prize of Random Shot win and $500 for the winner, $300 and $200 for 2nd and 3rd, provide a real incentive to play as many rounds as possible (minimum 10 rounds to qualify). Refer to Twilight Season Results for more information and past results. The season prize is restricted to members.

Score entry

A computer will be provided in the Bar for score entry after the round. We require all players to enter their scores unless they complete their round before the closure of the Pro Shop. We intend to process the results on the night and announce the winners, and this relies on all scores being entered. Non-entered scores will not count. The season results may be updated the following day. All twilight participants will receive an email of the season results each week.

See you there!

You can book in Booking Sheets in the normal manner or just arrive and tell the ProShop you'd like to play in the Twilight competition.  

Help us revitalise this enjoyable competition and take advantage of daylight saving hours. We hope to see you here.

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