Members and Visitors are expected to dress in a manner that will uphold the dignity of the Club.

Footwear: Golf Shoes, without metal spikes, must be worn on the Course and Practice areas. Approved sneakers may be worn with permission from members of the Board of Management or Manager.

Shirts and Blouses: Must have collars and the waist tucked in unless tailored with a band to be worn outside trousers, shorts, skirts etc. Singlets, tank tops, tee shirts, sun tops, strapless tops or similar are not permitted on the Course.

Shorts: Dress or walk style for males and Bermuda style shorts for Women are permitted on the Course. Sports, gym, boxer or stubby style shorts are not permitted on the Course.

Socks: Male Members and visitors are permitted to wear sports socks (predominately white) or long socks with shorts. Long socks are to be pulled up at all times.

Trousers or Slacks: Must be tailored. Jeans, tracksuits, leisure suits or similar are not permitted on the Course. Trousers and shorts with elasticised or drawstring waists are not acceptable. Trousers are not to be tucked into socks. Plus fours are permitted.

Any clothing sold in the Pro Shop may be worn on the course.

The Pro Shop staff shall have discretion to permit minor variations from the above rules.


In the Clubhouse the minimum standard of dress shall be neat, clean & tidy with clean, casual footwear acceptable.   Soft spike golf shoes are permitted in the Members change room and Members Lounge Bar only and providing they are clean of all course dirt & debris.

Dress denim jeans are acceptable in the Clubhouse, Hats or caps are not to be worn within the Clubhouse.  Clothing with printed slogans or advertising are not acceptable. 

These standards have been set to allow reasonable comfort to Members and guests, yet maintain the required standards of the Club. The Board of Management reserves the right to enforce appropriate standards of dress, both on the Course and in the Clubhouse.

When used for a Special Function the organisers of the function shall be permitted to set their own minimum dress standards in conjunction with the Club Manager.


To know the Rules and observe the ETIQUETTE of Golf is not only a tribute to you but also a tribute to the Club to which you belong. Your enjoyment and the enjoyment of others is often seriously impaired by a selfish disregard or lack of knowledge of one or both these two most important principles. Under the Rules, you are obliged to report any breaches of the Rules of Golf you may observe to your Match Committee for its action.


  • No one should move, talk, stand close to or directly behind when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
  • Players should be at their tee 10 minutes before hitting off time in competitions and should hit off without delay as soon as the group in front is clear of the hitting range. If unable to take your place in the field, please notify the Club Professional or the Club Office as soon as possible.
  • The player with the lowest handicap shall be the Captain of the match and is responsible for the observance of the Rules of Golf, Local Rules and Course Etiquette.
  • Check the Local Rules Board for Temporary Local Rules prior to every game.
  • All Members must carry a bucket of sand to fill all divot holes (their own and others they find).
  • All buggies must be fitted with wide tyres (slicks) to protect the Course. Buggies should not be taken across yellow lines near the green, where marked.
  • Buggies and Carts must not be taken on tees or immediate surrounds, greens or immediate surrounds, in order to preserve the playing surface.
  • Ball marks in the green are to be repaired before leaving to play the next hole. Repairs are to be made by moving turf sideways with a pitch mark repair fork, rather than by lifting, as the latter breaks the roots causing the turf to die, and leaves a damaged area that takes longer to recover. Do not mark your ball by scratching the green.
  • Foot and club marks are to be raked out before leaving a bunker. Only the base of the bunker should be raked using the prongs. All other areas should be smoothed using the back of the rake. Players should refrain from walking up the face of bunkers, except when playing the ball. Bunkers should be entered and exited from the designated points where marked. All rakes should be left in the centre of the bunker, near the entry point, prongs down, facing along the line of play.
  • Care should be taken not to damage the edge of the hole or the green surface when removing or replacing the flag stick or with shoe sprigs. Putter heads must not be used to lift the ball from the cup as damage to the edge of the hole may result.

Calling Up or Going Through Procedures: When a group is looking for a ball that may be lost or has not yet been spotted they shall immediately call up the following group (if all the group in front vacates the fairway to search, the following group may assume they have been called up). The called group will then play their shots without delay. If the front group are still not ready to play when the called up group reaches them, the called up group shall proceed to go through. However, if the front group are ready to play before the called up group reaches them they shall proceed without delay and the going through procedure will lapse. (NOTE: The only purpose of calling up and going through is to save time and keep the field moving. It must never be used as a penalty against the group that may be lost or a bonus for the group called up. Commonsense shall prevail in the interpretation of this rule.)

Competition competitors have "right of way" on the course at all times. All Saturday players are required to enter the Competition of the Day.

In taking practice swings, players should avoid causing damage to the Course (by removing divots) particularly on the Tees.

Pick up when strokes are exhausted with respect to Par and Stableford competitions. Players not playing in the Competition of the Day are to play Stableford. Stroke play is only allowed when playing to obtain a handicap. In this instance a maximum of two shots more than the par for the hole is allowed for men and four shots more for women.